Friday, July 22, 2011

LibRR1 Round 4: Curves

Thank you again to all of you who are participating in this online Liberated Round Robin! It's been inspiring to see your creativity!

Those of us needing more time to get caught up, or if you want to add even more rounds inbetween the ones we have suggested - of course go ahead!

For those ready to more on >>>>> Wouldn't it be fun to add some curves to your project?

You can do this by doing applique, sewing bias strips down, sewing circles, making curves seams with different fabric, or _________ (you fill in the blank with your idea!).

As before: please post a photo on this blog when you complete the round (include the measurements and the URL of your blog), and if you have used an internet resource to construct your curved round, do share the link with us or just tell us what you were thinking as you worked on your project.  Check back to see what others have done - and do write comments!

Also, be sure to click to verify that the correct information for you has been added to the Who We Are page.

We have at least three weeks to work on this round; our next and final step for this first Liberated Round Robin will be posted on August 12th.**  We may push this date back a week or so, to give everyone more of a chance to get caught up.

If there is interest, we'd like to do another Liberated Round Robin sometime in the fall - but this time it will be set up so different people (who participated in this first LibRR) will be able to sign up to write up the directions for a round! An email will be sent out in September.


  1. June, Thanks for Round 4--I think :). Only kidding. I'm sure we'll get some great results from our liberated quilters. Time to put my thinking cap on and maybe practice some machine applique.

  2. Wow...I love a challenge...THIS is a challenge for me!!

  3. Yikes! However I have an idea. I have a tutorial that I've been meaning to try for sometime. Now's my chance.

  4. Wow. This will be a blast!
    Sue in Mi

  5. Oh I'm so glad I put in the curves in this round - sounds like it will encourage us to try new things! Thank you all for participating in this LibRR!