Thursday, July 21, 2011

June's Lib RR Round One - Triangles

Here are my triangles!

I did the first side (it's on the left in this photo) ages ago then had happy distractions.  I was originally planning on making two sets of triangles as I did when I was making some flying geese a while back.  But when I tried to make the reverse geese things just would not line up (as I am using the presewn fabric I received in the World Wide Swap) and it looked sloppy and unusable to me.

So I changed my method for making the triangles.  I cut the grey fabric strips then used the rotary to cut out triangles.  Using different colored pins I put three pins in the fabric for each triangle, (so each was color coded and I was able to remember which pieces went where).  Then I used the grey triangle as a template and cut swap material fabric.  Then I sewed the short side up - then I pressed the seam open and sewed the other side up.

Before joining to the center block I straightened up the edges...  But my project is no longer square - it measures between 19 and 21 inches depending on which side is being measured!  It's all flat though so I'm happy with that.

These were the original types of triangles I wanted to make - but I've pretty much mastered this method now so will try not to use it again soon.

I wanted to try the QAYG method for adding rows that Sara described but since I'm behind with the challenge and have used my pins for another project that is waiting to be FMQed, I am just going to go ahead with adding my squares to this project...

So now on to Round 2!

: )


  1. I like this. Very plain and simple, yet because of its simplicity it stands out.

    Lovely work.

  2. Thank you, Clare. I'm hoping the quilting will add design to the piece too!