Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crumbled cropped Blocks

Aw Stripes and mixes, the middle was already made up into a large block just waiting for a reason to be

The Chequered centre and liberated surround just 'happened', no inspiration what so ever apart from finding loads of bits in my celebrations tin that I had 'filed' away for a rainy day - and thus totally forgot I had them :-)

The next round is eagerly awaited and fingers crossed I won't get all cuffuffled and muddled when it comes to posting the pictures and text onto the blog.... oh well its late here and my daughter celebrates her 12th birthday today too... early morning and late night for me then - plus the mid night feeds from bubba boy.... ahh at least my blocks keep me going (blocks not blokes)


  1. Incredible that you find time to sew -- and post! Looks like your crumbs are crumbing along quite nicely!

  2. Fun diversions for you in the block category! I hope round three gives you the inspiration you're waiting for.

    1. I think it will.... I just need some life direction right now, then the wake can fall into place behind me :-)