Monday, April 2, 2012

LibRR2 Step 1 - Kathleen

Hi everyone,

I'm Kathleen, living in Los Altos, California (on the peninsula in No.Cal, south of San Francisco and north of San Jose).

This looks like a fun experience and I look forward to learning alot in the creative process.

Not really knowing what I am doing, I took a block from my reject pile, and tried to liberate it.  Unfortunately, as you will see, the structural problem with this block (failure to make beautiful points on the center diamond) continues with this exercise (humbling as it is, I decided to keep it). 

I started with this:

 I took the first cut:
Then got in the spirit and added more "pick up sticks":
 This is my end result for my center block:

Having looked at some of the other blocks, I realize that I should have considered cutting the block up and rearranging, rather than just cutting up and adding my "pick up sticks".  Or I could have put the block back together in a little less precise manner. 

That being said, I am growing to like this block and hope that I will be able to add other elements as we progress through the rounds.  And learn from the entire experience...

I look forward to sharing in your creative process as well as learning from each of you.  Please feel free to access my blog at: and join as a follower.  I would so appreciate it!

I almost forgot, my log on name is "Cakath".  Look forward to sharing with each of you.


  1. Nice choice of colors. Love the red.

  2. Great first step! So glad you are joining us for the LibRR2!

  3. Looks lie you've got the spirit!