Friday, April 6, 2012

LibRR2 Step Two

Hola, y'all great Liberated Quilters around the world!

Mary here, in Panama, but North Carolinian to the bone! And I am honored to offer you the next step in your Liberated Round Robin II quilt project. It’s just wonderful seeing all your creativity shining in Step 1 and promises to be even more fascinating as we watch each Liberated piece evolve.

You got crumbs, right? I got crumbs, for sure! It's a safe bet that all quilters the world over got crumbs! We're talking about those little bitty pieces that pile up in boxes and baggies and in the floor under your sewing table because you simply can't bear to throw them away. But they just aren't big enough to make a single flying goose or even a log for a cabin. Do you recall how much you paid for the yard of material that little scrap came from? Well, we're gonna put those crumbs to work; we're gonna make brand new fabric out of them and it will be worth even more than what you paid for the original yard!

To get you started, you'll find below some great links below to easy ways to put those crumbs together. Be sure to look at Bonnie Hunter's link as she is the Queen of Crumbs!

Now, here's the fun part: once you have your crumb fabric made, you can make it into anything your little heart desires. Cut your new fabric into squares and triangles and circles and then piece the pieces into something else. Square blocks are lovely, but you can do lots more: borders, flying geese (either the center triangle or the outer triangles -- or take turns!), churn dashes, wonky stars or trees, baskets, words, spikes, appliqued chickens or cats or chipmunks -- really, anything at all!

Here's a photo of a crumb border and small "Liberated Quilt" that I made:

Example showing one way of using crumbs in a quilt

Once you get your fabric made and then make a few blocks or border strips and post photos for all of us to see, you can take a break until April 27th since, for this Liberated Round Robin II, we're going to wait until then for further instructions.

Hmmm, what can be next?? Of course, rather than taking a break, you might just find that you are hooked on making new fabric from your crumbs:)

Go for it! Have fun! And as Clare reminds us:

If it's not big enough, add something (a crumb?) 

If it's too big, whack something off (voila, a crumb for another block!)

Mary in Panama

Links to Help You with LibRR2 Step Two:
Bonnie Hunter:
Sunnie at Patchwork Pie who calls it Mile- a-Minute:
Patti at Quilting is Still My Passion offers a great photo tutorial:


  1. Sent to everyone on the LibRR list:


    The directions for step two of the Liberated Round Robin have been posted to the site -

    If you have questions, please either post as a comment to that post, or use the form to send it in - we'll answer as soon as we can.

    When you finish or have something to share, please login to the site and post a photo and tell us a bit about what you are sharing!

    You may decide to sew the parts together - or you may just keep things in pieces so you can arrange them after more steps are revealed..

    There is no one way to complete this challenge, there is no ‘correct’ way to do it (except perhaps to complete as much as you can!). You decide the fabric, you decide the size, you decide how to interpret the guidelines for each step of the challenge, you decide what happens to your project after it’s done. As Gwen Marston has as her last Design Guideline in Collaborative Quilting Page 111 "10. Most important of all - make it!"

    To see the posts about Step One, click here: The most recent will be on the top, scroll down to see them all! The blog is set so you can leave comments to each other!

    Step Two was written by our friend, Mary, who lives in Panama. Her quilts reflect the freedom of living on a boat and now on an island - as she sews she sees and hears monkeys and birds!

    We hope this step will help you get creative and have more fun with the LibRR2!

    Once you have the pieces for your first round completed, please take a photo and post it to the blog. Please do this before April 27 when the second step will be posted!

    I'll send a reminder when Step Three is ready for you in three weeks.

    : )

  2. My, my. Crumbs. Hmmmm. I will admit to keeping too small strips, but what I fear you are referencing drive me nuts and I have been known to just toss them - in fact, just yesterday. They had overtaken my scraps and storage. Oh well. There will be more real soon.....

    1. I'm afraid I don't sew enough to have many scraps, but I'm going to go thru my pieces to see what I can find! I have some strips and squares left overs - instead of crumbs I may end up making strata. Will still be fun!

    2. I found a box of scraps and strips - think I'm in business to make real crumb fabric now!

  3. This will be fun! I admit, I have not used crumbs to make my own fabric, but there's no time like the present to give it a whirl. Let the games begin!

  4. ooo yummy xxx I love crumbs... I love anything that doesn't take hours of pressing, cutting and perfecting... oh the colours, the endless amount of finished prducts... ooo I have just gone dizzy thinking about it, Did someone mention a break?

    4 chldren, three dogs, 6 new puppies, one partner and a house guest (who has been here too long), a large house to up keep and well erm, sewing to do, I love sewing, I have been making dresses, quilts, more dresses, more blocks and quilts and not much of it following a guide - I am the expert in our quilting and patchwork class that jumps straight in and doesn't read the instructions - goes back on her work once totally fuddled it up and kicks herself each time for not reading them... EVERY TIME, that equates to lots of crumbs tee hee x

    Thanks for this one, I can't wait... I can hear my Toyota revving up now at the chance to sew iddy biddy bitty crumbs together :-)

    Janey x