Monday, April 2, 2012

LibRR2 Step 1 from Janet B.

Hello everyone, my name is Janet B and I live in Yorkshire, England.
I love liberated quilting but my style is probably more controlled than some members of the group. I love the style of Gwen Marston and enjoy making blocks in the liberated style rather than liberating the whole quilt! 
I often make my liberated quilts in the medallion style, building up with sections and borders so hopefully this Round Robin will work for me. 

I teach Patchwork and Quilting here in the UK and some of my classes have been working on Civil War quilts. My starting block for the RR was an orphan block that I had left over - some of you might recognise it as 'Birds in the air'.
 I started by chopping it in two but realised that I couldn't do much else except rejoin it with a strip in the middle!
 The next cuts were better as I could switch the sections around to get a much more interesting block.
 This block really needs to go 'on point' so I added some corners of more Civil War fabric.
I know this is not as liberated as it could be but who knows what could happen next?


  1. Really like the Civil War fabrics. This is a great start.

  2. Yes it is a great start Janet! Nice that you are being true to the fabric you have been using too!

  3. Looks liberated to me!! Great going:)

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    1. That should read....I like it....from the "other" Janet