Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cyndi's Step 2

Remember this step 1?
I hung it up on my design wall, and every time I looked at it, I liked it less and less.  I know that putting slashes through blocks was what we were supposed to try, but this just looked like a pansy with a slash through it. I really liked what Janet did with her pansy - she cut it in four pieces, and stuck a different block in the middle, so the pansy almost disappeared.

So today I decided to separate the pansy a little.
So this is my re-do of step 1.

Next, I tackled step 2.  I had lots of already-made crumb fabric.  I added a little more of the black/dots fabric, and cut strips of the made fabric for borders around it all.


  1. Looks terrific! Glad you showed us and talked us through your steps to get to this stage! : )

  2. This is great -- you've got the spirit!

  3. I really like this!! I also like the redo. That's some of the fun of these liberated blocks....they're always open to more interpretation...what goes together can always be cut apart, ha. Great job.

  4. I like you new look. The crumbs really add interest to an already great block.

  5. Wow - what a great change! I love janet's expression: what goes together can always be cut apart!