Monday, April 9, 2012

First Two Steps - Margaret

Hi there!  I'm a bit late getting started, but jumping in anyway.  Dug up some strips I'd made as part of a Shop Hop quilt in 2001!  Each of the 10 shops had designed a strip. After 3 strips I got bored and didn't want to waste any more time on it. Here are the three strips.

I decided to use the middle strip to begin with. Parts of the others might join in eventually.  We'll see.  So here's how those blocks went together after they were liberated from the strip, chopped up, and stitched back together freestyle.

Stuck with purple for the Round 2 crumbs. Since the middle was already pretty crumb-ly, 
I tried to contain it with a small orange strip but added a few orange teeth in the border just for fun.  
Waiting on Round 3 to trim it up.  Can't wait to see what's next!



  1. Your steps 1 & 2 are wonderful, great color combo. It will fun watching this quilt come together.

  2. Love the colors and the development!

  3. This is looking really good to me - love the colours - reminds me of Halloween!
    It would be great if you could keep that wonky shape going too.

  4. ooo its fantastic... I hope to get my crumbs into a pie soon x

  5. Awesome! The colors pop - the design is lovely. That purple border is terrific!

  6. This is really exciting! Excellent deconstruction and liberation!!