Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Really Not Sure Where I'm Going

I've got some crumbs going--and I've got more.  It's just that I'm not sure how I'll unify all that I have.
I found this cute little block in my crumbs drawer.  I don't know yet, if I'll use it, but I'm not discounting it as a possibility, not just yet, anyhow.

I've not cut any crumbs to specific sizes yet either, as I don't know how I'll put them together.  For now they are on the design wall waiting for some inspiration.  I've pulled a couple of strips that were in the drawer too.  They may or may not be used.
 Wow!  They really need some color to unify or define them.  Maybe they'll just go back into the drawer!  Some sort of definition is needed!  Just a bit of my hand dyed blue is left, so I'm not cutting into it yet.  Is this how liberation works?  Boy, compared to some others, this really looks like a mass of something--don't know what I'd call it.  I'll just let it incubate and make more crumbs!

a few minutes later...
a medallion perhaps?


  1. This reminds me of a hip city neighborhood, with a house on the right, and a taller building on the left, and streets out front, and the blue sky up above....

  2. Aw now thats gorgeous, I love the mish mash of colours, infact I saw a photo taken with an Android phone the other night that looked like this.... when I recollect where it was I might remember to post the link, in the mean time,
    It was a fabulous photo, and most defo worthy of the hundreds of compliments it got x

  3. Seems like a grand Parts Department you've got in the works there! Love all your colors and those little blocks are too cute.
    Mary in Panama

  4. Wow, love the colors, all the different shapes. Really great crumbs. This will be a wonderful quilt.

  5. Great colours. You're a bit like me, but I'm well and truly stuck!

  6. So many choices - but great parts to think about!