Friday, April 27, 2012

Liberated Round Robin 2 Step 3

WOW! Liberated quilters you are doing wonders already with color!  Color is my addition to the challenge.  But, after looking at the the entries so far, I see so much fun use with color that I doubted a bit at what I could add.  Soooo, I went to my Gwen Marston books.  Let me share with you some of what she has written about color in Liberated Quiltmaking and as she reiterated in her Liberated Quiltmaking II, p. 9  
“  *You don’t need to choose all the colors before you start sewing.
  * Consider adding accent colors.
  *Trust yourself when choosing colors.
  *It’s harder to make a mistake than  you think.
  *It’s easier to err by playing it too safe: over coordination can lead to the “color by number” look and a monotonous quilt.
  *The more fabrics you use in a quilt, the less important each specific fabric becomes.
  *Sometimes one color will help unify a quilt.
  *Study other quilts for color ideas.”

So with that in mind, I’d like you to look at how you’ve used color so far.  Does your piece need a unifying color?  Some call it neutral, but we’ll skip that term as theories are just theories.  Maybe you have a favorite color you’d like to add.  I’ve joked about Lime being my new neutral.  Maybe you’d like to spice it up with black and white as Gwen and Freddie have done in many quilts in Collaborate Again.
There’s always grey, beige and even purple tones that can be added.  Don’t stress too much about this portion.  Now’s the time to whack it apart a bit more, or for those of you that don’t want to whack any more, add a new color.  For those of you who have parts saved, figure out what color/colors you can now add and then assemble them all into one main block and await next month’s challenge. 

So to review, you’ll be accenting or unifying your quilt this month with COLOR.  

You’ll be assembling any spare pieces you have and adding them with color to make ONE piece--
above all, have more fun as you seem to have been doing already.  will give you some visual stimuli from Gwen.


  1. Right now, I have one question that is actually very pertenant to persons in the UK.... When you say quilt are you talking about a block (a piece of a whole quilt), or are you talking about a whole quilt?... I hope to god its the first option otherwise I am sew very behind :-(
    Thanks you,

    1. Janey,
      Oh, please don't be stressed. I reread the directions and found this little "jewel" that might help you decide.

      "You may use what ever fabric you desire for this project, and the end size is up to you."

      In the my terminology a block is a piece of a quilt--but in your vernacular it may be the whole thing? In my way of looking at your question a block is a piece of the whole, but then look at the quote from the directions and take a deep breath and do what is comfortable for you!!! I rechecked your step two and it looks as if you are indeed up with the steps--just save those other "blocks" that you first looked at and worked with a bit and put them away for awhile and just work on the one you singled out for step 2. Pattilou

  2. As I read the next step in the process, I have to smile - even chuckle - as I too believe what I have so far is "one hot mess" and have not posted pictures. Others have already done this step because they didn't like their messes. However, along comes Pattilou and gives us all a bit of release and tells us - your next step is to add that one color or fabric that unifies that hot mess. Off to the sewing room. I have just the color - and it isn't my favorite color or my new neutral. But it will do the job quite nicely on one of my pieces. ;-)