Monday, April 23, 2012

A Great Revelation

So here is a quilting truth: if you start with colors that clash, you get an ugly block with clashing colors, and if you sew those blocks together, you get a quilt with ugly clashing colors. Well, duh!! So just STOP!

And that's what I did. The square I started with for Round One was made of scraps as a prototype for a pattern I was testing. I made no effort to match colors and the resulting block is abominable (though the pattern is great.) Slashing the ugly block apart, adding more scraps, only made a slightly more complicated ugly block. And as for crumbs? Well, I made some nice dots in various sizes from assorted scraps -- but they didn't coordinate with that ugly center square. So today I made blocks with more crumbs from exactly those same ugly colors -- and I still don't like them!

So now I'm going down a different road. The only other "orphan blocks" I had were some fabric postcards that didn't work out. But they did match my dotty crumbs. So, without a clue as to what I might be doing, I trimmed the shoddy satin-stitched edges from the postcards and framed with them with black strips.

And now I'm playing around with dots, first just random placement but am now thinking I like overlapping better. They're not sewn down yet -- I can play some more tomorrow. So, here I am, wandering down another road, wondering where I'm headed.

Mary in Panama


  1. I'm right there with you. I think you should go with your gut. Restart and be "happy" with the results.

    The timeline will be much more your friend when you like what you are working with. I can't tell you how often I find the timeline is really a reflection of something I don't like/don't know/haven't worked out with my design? The good news about this project is, none of those criteria really apply. I support you in your decision!

  2. Well, I really like the direction that you are going now.....seems to be full of fun and lots of charm!

    Leanne Clare

  3. Awesome Mary! Even though I liked your original plan - I can see how this one is much better! How large is the background you have for the display now?

  4. How inviting those little postcards are with all those circles. Love how you are putting it all together.

  5. Love what you are doing Mary! Sometimes it is better to start over when it is just not pleasing to you. By the way, I love your palm trees.