Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Old Block

Last month I started with an old block, slashed and then added the black inserts. Today I cut it twice diagonally, moved the pieces and put them back together with more black. The borders for this round are from  blocks leftover from my liberated "Wedges" quilt--I cut the blocks into strips. Well, I'm not excited about my small piece, but I've "challenged" myself to make something of it!


  1. Excellent, Kathleen -- those black strips are just snazzy and your colors are great.

  2. What a change from the style you used for LibRR1 - this is more asymmetrical, and really liberated. I think Clare's idea to slash or deconstruct a block is a terrific way to start the LibRR2. I'm interested to see your "Wedges" quilt - feel free to post photo here so others can see too! Glad you are able to join us for LibRR2!

  3. It's always an education for me to see how others put quilts together to meet the specifications set by the challenge. I'm anxious to see how you add to this!