Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Step two progress

Thank goodness for a four-day weekend!  Sewed like crazy for two evenings creating green fabric - all to show is 7 x 4.5" squares and smaller pieces of made fabric, interest waning a bit... because I can't think what I will do with them, and surely will need lots more....

Saturday, thought that maybe I should not make fabric from such small pieces, start with longer strips, pull all the lilac strings and ...  yay! in 15 minutes flat had stitched and cut these 3.5" pieces.  A border later?
Monday morning, so enthused with that turn around, I wanted to do something with red, and found in the red box all the left over string pieces from Orca Bay (mostly the triangles I cut the wrong way, because not paying attention!), Ok... seeing I'd added the turquoise slash, picked some 4.5" squares with turquoise and made these half-square triangles (hmm... more scraps for later!)  Various sizes... but at this point no idea how they'll get used!

Maybe should try again with the greens, using strings, and ended up making this, thanks to Anna's blog.  Again perhaps should have had wider pieces, as it took all evening.  It's about 14" x 16".  It looks better in the photo than in real.  But I could cut it up later!

So tonight, what to do, what to do?... then saw what Margaret had said about containing her orange... think I know what, add a border...

... and I think (see, not stitched yet..) this might work...

 Or go off on a complete tangent!


  1. Wow, great look. Good choice to add to you block, really makes it "pop".

  2. I like the way the turquoise brings in a hint of order. Love the spiky border.

  3. Love everything about this! The different sized triangles, the way the red strips echo the red in the center block, and the way the blue border gives the blue slash a place to reside. Can't wait to see what you do with the purple and green pieces!

  4. Karen - Great to hear what you were thinking - and to see the different steps. I really like the way you made so many parts with the same colors. and your last photo - wow! Glad you are doing the LibRR2!