Monday, April 2, 2012

First part

My first quilt block ever made was a Log Cabin block (circa 1975), and my first four quilts were log cabin blocks.  Last year my daughter was teaching herself by following Leila's blog and she was turning out amazing blocks, the first ones being Log Cabins.  So thought it would be a breeze, hmmm.   My quilt group is currently doing a shared contribution block of the month, and I was nominated for the first month. This was my 12.5" BOM but it's not flat!  It definitely needs liberating...

Remembering previous attempts at taking a traditional block, cutting up and making something new, and messing up totally,  this time much more caution...  just cut off corners diagonally...

and insert a mauve strip...

 Hmm, a bit too controlled...just add one more element...

 Good! -  still recognisable, but new!  Now about 13.5" square.


  1. Welcome Karen! This is a great first step for the LibRR2 - so glad you are joining in!

  2. Love you first step. Makes me want to look deeper into the block. Nice job.

  3. Way to go, Karen! This has so much potential!