Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eddie's Round Two

Here is my block so far, Round Two done.

First I went through my scrap basket looking for brights & made some small crumb blocks which I arranged around my round one block.

I thought it looked like a hot mess, then I remembered that Freddy Moran said that she used a lot of black and white fabric to give the eye some where to rest so I added the black and white border and then the crumb blocks as around the black and white border. I think I am ready for step 3.


  1. I love your beautiful creation! The addition of the border is beyond brilliant and does give the eye a place to rest and also allows each segment to shine.

    Well done (Not that I am an expert - I just know what I like!)

  2. Wow Wow Wow, I am soooo Jealous!!!!

    Your depth of colour is fantastic, your menagerie of crumbs just melt together beautifully, its truely stunning, truely x

    1. It was mostly left over fabrics from a couple of projects and baby quilts, I guess I am just not much as a pastel type of person ;)

  3. I think this looks gorgeous. Can't wait what you do with the next step !

  4. Very Nice, love the color, the black and white is wonderful. Makes it hard to take your eyes off it. Beautiful job.

  5. Quite simply, I think this is Wonderful!

  6. Oh my gosh Eddie - this is wonderful! We learn so much by seeing the before and after photos too. I'm a little frozen on my project as I don't love my scraps - but with your reminder about the black and white I think I'm ready to progress again. : )

  7. This is stunning, Eddie -- you will have a wonderful quilt! How right Freddie is about the b&w, you just showed us what the effect is.

  8. I think I stared at if for days on end before I remembered what Freddy said and the light bulb went off. Now I guess I am back to staring at it to figure out what to do for step 3!