Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not a Happy Bunny

I'm not happy with the original block and the crumbs so I'm starting again.

I've got some batik blocks left over from a previous quilt so I'm starting again with those. I shall probably be a round behind, but that's got to be better than my initial decision which was to leave in a fit of pique!

I don't like the original idea, it won't lie flat and the green really jumps out.

I'll probably slash it and use it in something else.


  1. Ah but the green is lovely! Maybe take a little break then come back to this - I like the colors and patterns you are working with!

  2. Aha, Clare, glad I am not the only one who decided to turn down a different road! Like June, I like the green -- maybe that will be your new beginning.

  3. This liberated stuff is not as easy as it looks! I offer you my support and encouragement.