Saturday, April 21, 2012

Round Two

OK ~ So I am working on my Crumb Round.......

......pulling bunches of brighter colors into it, and it occurs to me that my original center block is getting overwhelmed! So I am thinking of slashing the center block again, throwing some of the bright pinks into it and then even bordering it with some more hot pink so as to give it an identity of it's own......                                                       

                                                                          So ......any ideas?

Leanne Clare


  1. I like how it evolves. Why don't you take some darker fabrics for the next round to balance it out ?

  2. Wait and see what's next -- you'll still be able to re-cut to your heart's content! Your crumbs are terrific:)
    Mar in Panama

  3. These colors are awesome! They look terrific the way you have them placed will be fun to see how you interpret the next step! Glad you are working on the LibRR2!